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Why Should A Woman Become A HGV Driver?

Yes, ladies, we are telling you that an interesting new career is just waiting for you. Oh, is that a “but only men drive HGVs!” This is an oft-quoted misconception. Maybe it was true once, but not now. 

Driving the large HGVs has long been thought of as a male-only job, but women are now challenging this misconception and rightly so. If women can drive trains, buses and coaches, they can also learn to drive HGV. 


There Is No Reason Drivers have To Be Men

That being said, women are still in the minority. The good news is the number is growing. There is a global shortage of trained drivers, and there has been for some time. 2020 had a shortfall of 60,000 and 70,000 left during the pandemic. So, ladies, there has never been a better time to consider training for your HGV licence. The volume of cargo that flows throughout the UK and globally needs qualified drivers and why can they not be women?


HGV Training Is An Open Door

For all potential drivers—of either sex—there are three requirements you have to meet.

  1. Be 19 years or older
  2. Have a current and valid category B licence
  3. Take a medical evaluation that demonstrates good health

These three allow you to apply for a provisional licence and sit for the HGV theory test. This test is a 100 questions multiple-choice that covers aspects of 

  • Highway safety one
  • Motor vehicle law
  • Hazard prevention

At L&T Transport, we offer classes to prepare drivers for their theory tests. Once passed, you can begin the practical training. Then, male or female, if you meet the above requirements, you can go through driver training and earn your HGV licence. 

Before you can begin working as an HGV driver, the final requirement is a CPC, Certificate Of Professional Competence. This requires you to pass a module 2 theoretical case study. We include the cost for this module in our driver training starter pack. Once passed, you can then take the second stage, a practical demonstration. Passing these two tests, you will receive your Driver Qualification Card, valid for five years.

Benefits Of Being A Female HGV Driver In 2023


There is a need for more drivers across the transport industry, which presents a great opportunity for women.

Today’s HGVs are more comfortable, easier, and safer to drive than before. Drivers must be more capable with advanced technology and software rather than the physical power to steer a heavy truck. The advancement of technology has opened the route for women to be drivers. The transport industry also has more stringent measures and new policies that protect all drivers.

The Gender Pay Gap—apparent in many other professions—is not an issue for female HGV drivers. The payment is the same as men by the hour, mile or job. Plus, you could also be employed in a salaried position.

Being an HGV driver is a super way to get around and see the country—even Europe for long-distance drivers. Of course, you have the advantage of going and visiting places in all seasons, which many will never do. But, on the other hand, you don’t have to go long-distance, and you can combine a family with being a driver.

One last word on the subject; while women training to be HGV drivers is still a little low, their past rate is higher than that of men. In June ‘21, there was a 7.9% difference between 56.9% of men getting their licence and the 64.8% of ladies who did receive their HGV licences.

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