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Driver training for all commercial, coaches, minibuses and other vehicles at a dedicated training & test centre.

Category C+E (Artic) Training


C+E (Class 1 Artic Training)

A change in UK law, introduced by the Government in November 2021 now means we are able to offer two different ways to obtain a class 1 (CE) licence. We have FAST TRACK CE or Upgrade CE.

Before starting a course, a Provisional licence will be required and the appropriate theory tests will need to be passed. Click here to see our Starter Package page.


This has become our most popular course. Because of the changes to the LAW, you no longer need to pass a test in a CAT C rigid before moving on to CAT CE. You can move straight to CE.

Currently this is a 6-day training course. It starts with days 1 & 2 in one of our rigid vehicles to familiarise you with driving a large vehicle. There are then days 3 to 6 in a class 1 vehicle. The reversing test will take place on day 4 or 5 and your driving test will take place on day 6.

For more information about the reversing test, click here.


This course is for drivers who already hold a CAT C licence. As this is an upgrade, there is no requirement to complete the Starter Package. It is a 4-day course completed in one of our CE vehicles. The reversing test will take place on day 2 or 3 and the driving test will take place on day 4.

This course may also be suitable for experienced drivers such as bus or coach drivers and drivers who are familiar with driving large vehicles so possibly don’t need the extra days in a rigid vehicle for familiarisation.

For more information about the reversing test, click here.


The vehicles we use for our CE training are Mercedes-Benz AXOR and ACTROS, packed full with features designed to make driving as simple and safe as possible.

Private Reversing Area

A common fear for candidates when upgrading to a Class 1 licence relates to reversing. However, as you can learn on our own private reversing and testing area you can spend as much time as you need perfecting the art.

Driving & Reversing Test

Your reversing test will take place on the same area that you practice on and will be conducted by our own assessor. Click here for more info.

Because we are a Customer Site for Lorry & Bus tests, the driving examiner comes to us to start your on-road test.

To find out more about L&T’s Category C+E (Artic) driver training, please email here or call 01977 618228 free.

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Formed in 1986 and a family owned and operated business, L&T provides instruction for anyone wishing to drive a vehicle from C1 (7.5T) to CE (artic) and D1 (Minibus) to D (Coach).

We also train drivers in the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) and the operation of HIAB plant, Forklift and we are a JAUPT Approved Centre for Driver CPC Periodic Training.

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