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What Vehicles Can You Drive With an HGV Licence

What is an HGV licence?

An HGV licence is a licence that allows you to drive certain types of lorries and trucks. To get an HGV licence, you need to pass a test that proves that you know how to drive these vehicles safely. There are a few different types of HGV licences, depending on what type of vehicle you want to be able to drive. You can learn to drive HGV vehicles with L&T Transport.

The most common type of HGV licence is a C1 licence. This allows you to drive lorries and trucks that weigh up to 7.5 tonnes. If you want to drive vehicles that weigh more than 7.5 tonnes, you need a C licence. The C licence allows you to drive any lorry or truck that weighs more than 7.5 tonnes.

How do I get my HGV Licence?

In order to get an HGV licence, you need to pass a test that proves that you know how to drive these vehicles safely. The test will involve a practical driving assessment and a theory test.

The practical driving assessment will involve a test of your ability to control the vehicle, including reversing and turning. You will also be tested on your knowledge of the Highway Code.

The theory test will cover a range of topics, including road safety, traffic signs and the law relating to HGVs.

You can find out more information about taking the HGV driving test on the government website.

Benefits of having an HGV licence

Having an HGV licence can be a great advantage for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can help you to secure a job. There are many jobs available for drivers with an HGV licence, and it can be a great way to earn a living.

Secondly, having an HGV licence can allow you to travel the country and see new places. driving a lorry or truck is a great way to see the country, and there are many scenic routes to explore.

Thirdly, having an HGV licence can give you a sense of independence. Being able to drive a large vehicle gives you a feeling of power and independence, and can be a great way to boost your confidence.

Finally, having an HGV licence can be a great way to get fit. driving a lorry or truck requires a lot of physical activity, and can help you to keep active and healthy.


If you want to drive a lorry or truck, you will need an HGV licence. There are many benefits of having this type of licence, including the ability to get a job and have more independence in your life. In order to get an HGV Licence, you must pass a practical driving assessment and theory test that prove that you know how to safely operate these vehicles. If this sounds like something worth pursuing yourself, contact us today! Our team would love nothing more than to help advise on what steps should be taken next when it comes time for applying for an HGV license. Contact us today for more information.

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