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What is ADR Training?

What is ADR Training

By taking an ADR training course drivers gain the ADR training certificate required to transport loads classed as dangerous goods. The course provides drivers with instructions on the nature of the danger of the goods they are transporting, how to minimise potential risks and how to handle a scenario where things go wrong.

What is ADR?

ADR is an agreement originally introduced by the United Nations in 1957 concerning the governance of the international transport of dangerous goods. There will have been amendments and updates along the way, but the main guiding principle remains, regulation to prevent accidents which could be harmful to people, property and the environment. Prior to 2007 an ADR certificate was only required when driving a vehicle of 3.5 tonnes or above. However, even if you are in a Ford Transit now, if you are transporting goods classed as dangerous you need an ADR certificate.

What Does ADR Training Involve?

Drivers must attend a training course and pass a multiple-choice format exam before being issued with an ADR certificate. This is where an established transport training services company like L&T Transport Training Services can help. As a general ball park figure ADR training courses last on average four days. This is based on drivers who require the more common training courses dealing with transporting dangerous goods in packages. This course includes classes on topics such as compressed gasses, flammable liquids, corrosive items and toxic substances.

These courses are rounded off with an exam and if you use L&T Transport Training Services to take your course there is the added benefit of the company being one of the few offering on-line exams. Aside from avoiding a throwback memory to exams in packed school halls, an online exam provides quick results, avoiding the anxious three week wait to know whether you have passed or not.

ADR training can be tailored to meet specific transportation needs beyond the basic packages, such as carrying dangerous goods in tankers. ADR training can also cover the transportation of hazardous goods which includes radioactive matter and explosives. ADR certificates remain valid for five years, at which point a refresher course is required from the fourth year in order for the certificate to be renewed.

Benefits of ADR Training

Undergoing an ADR training course with an approved centre such as L&T Transport Training Services is a legal requirement to transport dangerous goods. By taking an ADR course drivers benefit by:

  • being informed about the legal requirements concerning the transportation of dangerous goods
  • may count towards driver CPC periodic training hours
  • an ADR training certificate may lead to better employment opportunities

About L&T Transport

Established in 1986, L&T Transport Training Services is an established family firm, with expertise in transport training built up over the years. Training courses and exams can be intimidating to many, but L&T provide a relaxed and friendly environment to help encourage your progression. You will receive all the information and support you need to help you gain ADR accreditation.

If you are considering ADR training or a refresher course to renew an ADR certificate, you can contact L&T Transport Training Services for information and advice. We run monthly ADR training courses, allowing you to select the most suitable dates for you. An ADR certificate is a valuable investment, providing the essential information required to transport hazardous goods on the roads of Europe and beyond.

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