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HGV Training – Producing Skilled Drivers

The demand for HGV drivers in the UK remains high. So if you have been considering moving your profession into HGV driving, now is the time. However, don’t equate demand with a lessening of expectations. Training to be an HGV driver is not just about technical driving skills. While those are a vital part of the equation, more skills are necessary to stand out to top employers. What are those skills? What will make your CV impressive? Read on and find out.

Skills Employers Expect From HGV Drivers

Exceptional Driving Skills

Yes, you must know how to drive. However, you also require additional capabilities that make you an exceptional HGV driver. It means you have the skills to manage your vehicle in all weather. Well-trained HGV drivers are on the alert. Keeping their eyes and ears open for signs of road and route problems, then being able to apply problem-solving skills to adapt to any situation they might face. HGV training at top facilities—like L&T Transport Training Services—ensure you know all the safe practices. It is down to you to implement them.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Companies must put a lot of faith and trust in the HGV drivers transporting their cargo. Whatever the load, it is essential for that company to continue trading. Keeping customers happy facilitates that. Being on time with deliveries or pick-ups is an integral part of your job that keeps everyone happy. You must show your potential to get the job done with your attitude and performance. 

Team Player

HGV drivers spend long periods on their own; it is the nature of the job. However, you must remember you are an active team member. The people who have your load ready for you, the personnel that help you unload and get away promptly to your next job. The people who manage your paperwork and help you get paid. You are part of their team, and your approach to teamwork matters, so don’t forget to show you recognise this.

Communication Skills

You might work alone, but you need to interact with others to keep transport logistics flowing. Communication with other drivers helps you stay aware of potential road and weather conditions. Your company and boss need to know what is going on, especially with long journeys. Remember you also need to communicate with the customers in a professional but friendly manner. Communication and collaboration are key skills you need to develop and refine, especially digital and phone communication.

Organisational Skills

This means you can plan a journey and adapt your day’s plans if necessary. 

As a professional HGV driver, don’t imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel following the GPS. There is more to organising your day and your route than that. Rest breaks must be factored in, and you must keep to the time schedule, keeping bosses and customers happy. Never forget you are an integral part of the company you are delivering for- a team player!

Basic Mechanics

You do not have to be a professional mechanic, but knowing a bit about what is under your hood is a good idea. That way, you will be able to solve minor problems that could cause you to be late. 

Are you ready to take on the job of HGV driver? Then, call and talk to us to discover your next step.

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