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Different Types of HGV Licence Classes

HGV classes are the licences available that allow someone to drive a heavy goods vehicle. There are different licences available based on the size of the truck and what is carried inside. Before you drive any HGV, you must have the correct licence to do so. Some of the different licences available include:

Class 1

This can also be called a category C + E licence. With this licence, the driver is able to operate a vehicle that is 7.5 tonnes or more and the trailer can detach. These are often larger vehicles and can be used for routes over a longer distance.

Class 2

Class 2, or the category C licences. This is going to be for any HGV that is more than 7.5 tonnes and has a rigid body base. The cab will not come apart from the trailer with this type of class. These may include refuse collection vehicles and fire engines to name a few. These are more likely to be used around cities rather than for long haul runs.

Category C1

An operator with a category C1 licence will not drive as big of a truck as with the other licences. This is necessary any time the HGV is more than 3.5 tonnes, but under 7.5 tonnes. Drivers who passed their driving test before 1997 will automatically get one of these licences. Anyone who passed after that time will need to take another test to receive it.

Category D and D1

The category D and D1 licence is necessary to drive a vehicle with passengers (outside of your car). It is often used for those who would like to operate a bus or a coach with many passengers inside.

A category D1 licence is a little bit different than above. This licence allows the operator to drive a minibus that has up to 16 seats inside. This is similar to the C1 licence in that if you passed the driving test before 1997, you will automatically have this licence, but will need to complete a test if not.

Category B + E

The category B + E Licence allows the operator to tow an item behind their regular car. If you would like to tow something across town or to another town, then you will need to get this licence. That is not necessary if you passed the driving test before 1997.

Lorry Loader or Hiab

Another endorsement that you can get on your licence is a Lorry Loader or HIAB Licence. This will basically allow the operator to operate a lorry loader, or machinery that will use hydraulic attachments to deposit any item onto the long bed at the back of a trailer. This training will help you to operate the lorry loader or other types of cranes that may be mounted onto the truck.


A final type of HGV licence that we offer training for is the ADR Licence. This will stand for Accord Dangeroux Routier. This is a qualification for those who will transport any good that is considered dangerous. An example of this is for those who drive fuel tankers or drivers that have corrosives or liquids that are flammable. Operators can’t take these items without the right licence to help.

At L&T Transport Training Services, we are here to help you test and receive the licence that you need to drive an HGV. Contact us today to set up a time to schedule your test today!

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