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Cat C Licence Training Cost

Obtaining the Cat C Licence is essential to working with HGVs, an industry that is beneficial to be a part of as it is growing by the minute, with thousands of deliveries being made daily in the UK. For this reason, we know that you want the very best training! L&T Transport Training Services can guide you towards meeting your goal, by training you for the Cat C test.


Rigid Vehicle Training

The Cat C licence demonstrates your ability to work with a vehicle over 3500kg and with a 750kg trailer. This kind of vehicle is otherwise known as “a rigid” and is the backbone of delivery services across the country.

The benefits of being qualified to drive a rigid vehicle are clear; you will be able to enter a vibrant industry, as part of a motivated and well-rewarded workforce keeping the country afloat. But there are some costs you have to incur first!

To obtain a Cat C license, you should already have a car licence and be at least 18 years old. In addition, you will need a provisional LGV license, which requires a medical to be undertaken. You will have to complete and pass a multiple-choice theory and hazard perception test. Upon successful completion, we will assess your driving abilities and set you on a course to train for and ultimately obtain the Cat C license.

You will practice and take the test in one of our Volvos or Mercedes Axor. Moreover, your test can be taken in the same area that you train in! Familiarity when taking the Cat C licence test is a real benefit.

We are proud of our graduates and have an ever-expanding “wall of success” with photographs of new recruits to a vital and growing industry. You will also receive a much-coveted goodie bag from L&T. The benefits of being Cat C Licensed are worth the costs of taking the plunge!

Artic Vehicle Training

The step up from the Cat C is the Cat C+E Licence. This licence will allow you to join a workforce that drives artic vehicles (those with a pivotal joint, which allow the vehicle to turn more sharply). With this thorough licence, you will be able to take on the vehicle that the job demands. This is a real benefit when looking to succeed, progress and shine in the industry.

The requirements for this course are higher than for rigid vehicle training, but at this point in your qualification process, you should already have all you need! For this reason, before undertaking the training course, all you will need to do is a driving assessment.

We use the Mercedes-Benz Axor vehicles for our training course, which is a real benefit as they provide the most simple and safe driving experience.

The benefits of taking the Cat C+E licence training and test with L&T Transport are multiple. We know that reversing is a concern for many candidates, preventing them from training for the cat C+E licence. However, we provide a private area for all students to practice this skill, which is truly an art!

In a similar way to the Cat C, the Cat C+E test will take place at our own test centre, where you will have practised. Familiarity is truly a benefit during stressful examination conditions.

We are proud of our Cat C+E graduates and will add your photo to the “wall of success” upon achievement of the licence! In addition, we will gift you with a prized L&T goodie bag, to celebrate your success. The benefits of a Cat C+E license surely outweigh the minimal costs!

Call 01977 618228 to find out more about L&T’s training courses; or contact us to make your first step towards achieving your goals today!

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