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What Vehicles Require A Special License To Drive In The UK

What is a Special License

You may not be aware that in the UK, there are some vehicles that require a special license to operate on public roads. If you want to drive one of these vehicles legally, you are required to have a specific type of license. The most common types of vehicle licenses in the UK are car, motorcycle/bicycle and car-with-trailer. Vehicles That Require A Special License

The following list shows the most common types of vehicles that require a special license to drive:

A vehicle, other than a car with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, which is constructed or adapted for use for a specific purpose other than the carriage of goods or passengers.

A vehicle that is constructed or adapted for use for a specific purpose other than carrying goods or passengers.

In the list above, pedal cycles are not included because only vehicles in the UK require a special license to drive. Examples of vehicles that would be classified as a motorcycle include motorcycles without sidecars. If you are planning to ride a quad bike on the road, then it is classed as a motorcycle and therefore requires a special license.

If You Are Planning To Drive A Vehicle That Requires A Special License On Public Roads you can apply for your special license by booking an appointment with either your local driver CPC office or via the internet. If you are planning to drive your vehicle on private land, then this will not require a special license. However, it is important that you are familiar with the rules of using these vehicles before taking them for a drive.

Why do you need a special licence?

You would need a special driving license if you are wanting to drive a vehicle that fits the above descriptions. In theory, you can take an appropriate motorcycle test (if the vehicle is a motorcycle), or take the car test (if the vehicle is a car). However, this will not allow you to drive any of the special vehicles listed above.

For example, if you are wanting to ride a quad bike on private land, taking your own moped test will not allow you to drive the quad bike. You would need to take a specific quad bike test (similar to taking an HGV license).

The key reason why these vehicles require special drivers licenses is that they are generally more powerful than other vehicles. Therefore, it takes longer for your brain and body to react when driving them. If you are planning to drive any of the vehicles listed above, it is essential that you have a great deal of experience before doing so. In most cases, you will also need special training from a qualified instructor before being allowed to take your test. If you have not been trained how to operate them appropriately, you could cause serious injury or death.

How to get A Special Licence

The main way you can get your special licence is to find a training provider in your local area. L&T Transport is an example of a provider for different types of vehicle licences.


Vehicles that require a special license to drive on public roads are those which would be classified as motorcycles, such as quad bikes. If you plan on driving one of these vehicles legally, you will need to take the appropriate test and receive training from an instructor before being allowed to do so. You can find more information about where you can get your vehicle licence by checking out our website L&T Transport!

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