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Driver training for all commercial, coaches, minibuses and other vehicles at a dedicated training & test centre.

What is ADR Driver Training?

L&T Transport Training Services UK provides ADR driver training for all types of transport vehicles. One of the most challenging aspects of a career in the transportation industry is qualifying with an ADR Driver Training Certificate.

ADR Driver Training teaches drivers how to negotiate heavy traffic, spot hazards, and respond appropriately in emergencies. ADR Driver Training offers drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive in all types of weather conditions and traffic situations.

The program covers basic driving skills, defensive driving techniques, handling emergencies, and understanding UK traffic signs and regulations.


L&T Transport Training offers various training options for drivers, from a standard 8-week to an in-depth 10-week course. The more extensive option takes around two weeks for larger trucks.

HGV driver training takes more or less five days. The reason is that the ADR training is with a qualified instructor who has a minimum of three years of experience.

The first day of training includes theory and classroom lessons, as well as a driving test. The second week consists of passing the practical test and classroom lessons.

The following weeks are for classroom teaching and hours driving on roads with an instructor in the passenger seat to assess your progress in real-time.

Training Required for an HGV Driver

All drivers of commercial vehicles, including HGV, are required to undertake a compulsory training course. The course can last for around two-and-a-half weeks and includes various topics such as driving theory, vehicle safety, and road signs.

The ADR Driver Training course is a comprehensive course that makes it easy for drivers to develop their skills and gain the necessary certifications for driving heavy trucks.

The course is designed with an emphasis on driver safety and includes the following:

  • 14 hours of classroom time (4 weeks)
  • 14 hours of on-road training (4 weeks)
  • 3 hours of hands-on simulator training (1 week)
  • A total of 36 hours of part-time/non-driving instruction in the form of videos, manuals, and books (8 weeks)

What the Process Is

HGV driver training is an essential part of driving a large truck on the road. From picking up passengers to transporting goods, an HGV driver needs to be sure of their abilities to manoeuvre in any situation.

Anyone who drives a truck of gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tons requires an HGV license. The driver will need to meet extensive safety and legal requirements to get the HGV license.

The three essential steps for obtaining an HGV license are:

  1. Filing for a Class A, B, or C motor vehicle license;
  2. Passing the driving test; and
  3. Satisfying the medical requirements.

What It Allows You To Do

Driving is a challenging job that requires a lot of mental and physical endurance. Driver training can help reduce the risk of accidents and make sure that you’re in the safest hands on the road.

An ADR Driver course teaches you the skills of driving concerning road traffic and includes practical components such as risk assessments and road user management. In addition, it covers subjects such as driving theories, driving behaviours, and passenger behaviour.

The transportation industry is a booming industry, and one of the most challenging aspects of the career is qualifying with ADR. Visit L&T Transport Services today. You will find an easy way to get an ADR Training qualification that has a reputation.

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